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These days there are so many choices when it comes to hair extensions and sometimes it can be a little daunting when choosing the best system for you. The best way to choose is to look at your lifestyle first before committing to hair extensions. They do require a little more maintenance then your own hair but once you get into a routine that works well for you the benefits of having hair extensions are fabulous and will have you styling your hair like never before.

Choosing the best quality hair is paramount when considering hair extensions, settling for anything less will guarantee you hating them and wishing you had never invested your time and money in them. Also choosing a system that will work best for you and result in an outcome that makes you look and feel like they are your own hair will have you feeling not only great about the extensions but yourself too.

As a hairdresser I’m am an advocate of the Tube system, they are light and less damaging than some of the other systems around. Once attached to your own hair you will almost forget they are attached.



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